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Skincare for makeup: Step by step guide for your skin

For those who have the habit of wearing makeup daily, the value of removing and cleaning is nothing new. However, what many people do not know is that the tone of skin before and during makeup is the main factor that ensures the durability and quality of the makeup.

Contrary to what is imagined, makeup does not have to be the villain of your skin and can be combined with skincare, if used consciously. Find out how to take skincare of each skin type before, during, and after make-up.

For oily and combination Skincare

Before make-up

It is recommended that zinc-based products can close pores and control oiliness.

Below is the list of the products needed to prepare for oily or combination skin to apply makeup:

  1. Cleaning gel
  2. Astringent tonic
  3. Gel moisturizer
  4. Primer for oily skin

Not moisturizing the face properly, causes the skin to absorb any water present in the composition of the products, and then there is the rebound effect, which is an increase in the production of oil in the skin.

In addition to hydration, the dermatologists recommended the use of vitamin C and anti-oxidant sunscreens. This not only helps in fixing the makeup but also prevents the bases from changing color after application.

During make-up

To avoid damage to the skin during makeup, it is necessary to use specific products for oily or combination skin, such as foundation and matte concealers. They promote a drier and more opaque effect on the skin’s finish.

However, if its base does not have a matte effect, the use of powder after applying the products to the skin can also offer this effect, as it is rich in talc and is capable of absorbing excess oil on the skin.

After make-up

If we don’t completely remove the makeup, it can penetrate the skin and lead to conditions such as cosmetic acne and inflammation of the skin.

Bases with higher coverage can cause pore occlusion and this can lead to folliculitis because they are oil-based.

It is important to frequently clean the brushes and sponges used in makeup.

A list of products that should be used to remove makeup:

1. Use a makeup remover, it can be micellar water

2. Use a tonic to completely remove any makeup residue

3. Hydrate and use your daily care products

For dry skin

Before make-up

Generally, the main problem for those with dry skin is that many products end up leaving a cracked appearance on the face. The solution to this, once again, is preparation.

It is recommended to moisturize very well and use a moisturizing primer. Thus, instead of the finish being cracked, the skin will have a much more satiny and shiny appearance. The area under the eyes tends to be the driest. Therefore, it is important to use specific products for that region.

Check out the list of the products for skincare needed to prepare dry skin before makeup, according to the makeup artist

1. A cleaning foam

2. Thermal water

3. Moisturizing tonic or moisturizing cream

4. Primer

During make-up

For the makeup of dry skin, it is necessary to opt for cosmetics that promote hydration. It is not recommended to use a base with a matte finish due to the risk of cracking, irritating, and peeling the skin.

After make-up

In the case of dry skin, when removing makeup, it is important to follow the same steps as for oily skin, but use specific soaps and makeup removers. In addition, it is important not to forget hydration.

It is important not only to remove skin products but also to eye cosmetics, some eye shadows and masks can irritate the eyes and cause watering at night. This can cause eye changes or even keratitis, inflammation in the cornea.

Regardless of whether your skin is oily, mixed, or dry, the choice of each product must be according to the specific need. However, daily care with skin care products is essential for all skin. 

And beautiful skin indicates good health.

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